DShutdown : Schedule Shutdown for Windows PC

DShutdown is a shutdown scheduling application for Windows. It offers a large number of options and triggers for shutting down Windows. It is a standalone portable program and can be used even from a portable USB drive without any need to install it first.

DShutdown is a one window application – all the features and options are available from the same window. From its window, we can choose shutdown type – log off, shutdown, power off, reboot, stand by, hibernate, restart apps, hybrid shutdown, force, force if hung, server less mode, cancel if user is logged, lock the workstation, disable LAN adapter, hand up modem, wake on LAN, wake up, save screenshot, send log by email, write log file, close a program, start a program, delay countdown, sound advise, alarm clock, no popup, exit program etc.

By default, it works for the local workstation but we can also target networked Windows computers if we have access to their user accounts credentials. For this, we can simply click on the Get PC List button and choose a PC from the discovered computers on the network.


There are so many triggers that can be used for shutdown such as shutdown if user is inactive for a given time, monitor window closing or pixel color, shutdown at the end of a program, shutdown if a remote PC goes offline, shutdown when internet activity does down, shutdown when CPU usage has come down etc.

Another method of shutdown offered by DShutdown is timer countdown. We can enable timer and then choose to shutdown after a specific number of hours or minutes, shutdown at a specific time or we can schedule the shutdown on a specific date.

Furthermore, all of these options can be combined using boolean operators such as AND and OR. This makes DShutdown a very advanced shutdown management tool for Windows. It offers a wide variety of shutdown options and triggers. It can be used to shutdown networked computers too.

You can download DShutdown from http://dimio.altervista.org/eng/#DShutdown.