DeskFX : Fast Audio Enhancer for Windows PC

Windows itself does not offer many options for modifying the output sound when you are playing music or videos on your PC. Even though some of the driver software come with extra features, it still leaves the users desiring more. This gap is easily filled by DeskFX software that offers many different ways to enhance the output sound on your PC.

DeskFX is a free audio enhancer and is very small in size. It is really fast in performance and can modify the sound before it is sent to your speakers or headphones. It has a user interface where you can modify the sound through an equalizer and several effects.

It offers a full featured equalizer that can be used in three modes – visual mode, graphic mode and parametric mode. The equalizer can be manually adjusted and we can also pick presets like band pass, high pass, low pass, notch, boost, bass boost and more.


It can also improve the quality of the sound produced by adjusting the various effects available in it. We can equalize the sound level, amplify it, or implement various effects – amplify, reverb, low pass, high pass, chorus, compressor, echo, flanger, wah-wah, vibrato, tremolo, and distortion.

In the program, we can also suppress unwanted noise and even use an unlimited number of audio effects. All of the settings can be saved to DFX files which contain all of your equalizer and effects settings. We can later load all these settings in a second just by loading the saved DFX file.

DeskFX also comes with a few tools for special sound effects. It comes with audio masking using which we can make one sound inaudible using a set of another sound. This way we can make someone speaking inaudible easily. There are other tools like noise generator and background loop which can be used to hide the sound any sound in real-time.

You can download DeskFX from