Record PC Screen into Video with iTop Screen Recorder

So many people are making helpful videos for Youtube by recording the how-to steps on their computer screen. For recording the activities of your computer screen into a video file, we can use iTop Screen Recorder. It can be used to record everything that is visible on your screen. It can record full-screen, selected region, selected window and a screen region in fixed ratio. Moreover, it is able to record the audio alone and can also be used to record game-play when playing PC games. If you have a webcam connected to your PC, you can also record the face cam along with the screen.

After the installation, it launches into a small window that shows all these three recording modes. In addition, we have access to all these recording features using hotkeys. For recording the hotkey is F9, for pausing the recording it is F10 and for just taking a screenshot the key is F11. When we use F11 to take a screenshot, it is automatically saved on your local storage drive.

iTop Screen Recorder

When we record the screen, we can choose which of the things are  going to be included in the recording – screen, webcam, microphone and the mouse actions. When we include the webcam in the recording, we can choose its overlay position from four corners – top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right. After recording we can also apply picture effects and add background music to the video.

The software uses hardware acceleration from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU chips. In fact, if it does not detect a compatible GPU, it fails to run and there is no workaround to use it on such a computer.

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is free and allows you to record without a time limit. However, the free version places a watermark on the videos. You can remove these forced watermarks and apply your own watermarks by buying the full version.

You can download iTop Screen Recorder from