Download Your Flickr Photos with flickr downloadr

Flickr was launched in 2004 and became instant hit with everyone who wanted to share their digital pictures online. Now almost two decades later, it is extensively used by professional photographers all over the world to showcase their work for their prospective clients.

If you have a Flickr account and it contains your photographs that you had uploaded years ago, then you can use flickr downloadr to download them all to your local storage drive. It is an open-source application and works on Windows, Linux and macOS.

After launching flickr downloadr, you have to login to your Flickr account and authorize flickr downloadr as third-party app so that it can access your Flickr account along with all of your files. For logging in, you are taken to your web browser from where it sends the authorization data back to a local server.

Flickr Downloadr

But before you can download the photos to your local storage drive, you have to configure the program. In the settings, you can choose the download folder, download size, metadata, filename pattern, cache location, cache level, whether to save the log and the log location.

Flickr Downloadr

Once you have saved the settings, it will take you to page selection and thereafter you can view your Flickr account photos. You can choose which of the photographs that you want to download and proceed. The downloading of the photograph takes only a few minutes. But the total time taken depends on the size of the pictures, the number of the pictures to be downloaded and your internet connection download speed.

Flickr Downloadr

This application is a great way to make a backup of all of your digital photographs that you have uploaded to Flickr in past many years. It can be used to download pictures from only your authorized Flickr account. You cannot use it to download pictures from just anyone else’s Flickr account.

You can download flickr downloadr from