WhatsappTray : System Tray Enabler for WhatsApp for Desktop

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app available for a number of platforms like Android, iOS, macOS and Windows desktop. It now offers many useful features such as the ability to send money to other WhatsApp users through a number of methods.

In the beginning, WhatsApp was available for only smartphones but then they also made a web app version available for everyone which can be used from any modern web browser. Later they released a desktop client for Windows and macOS. This desktop client has many more features than the web app version, but it still lacks some features often desired from a messenger app. For example, we cannot minimize it to the notification area or system tray on a Windows PC.

Now with the help an open-source add-on called WhatsappTray, we can add WhatsApp icon to the system tray and have some extra features available from the system tray menu. The installation of the WhatsappTray is extremely easy and it supports silent installation as well using a /silent switch.


From the system tray menu for WhatsappTray, we can access functions such as Close WhatsApp, Restore WhatsApp, Close to tray, Start Minimized, and more. We can also make it start with Windows and enabled sending of WhatsApp to the system tray using just the Escape key on the physical keyboard.

WhatsappTray creates appData.ini in the same folder as the WhatsappTray executable. In this configuration file, we can make manually change its settings. For example, we can enable displaying of the unread message count in the system tray. We can also change the start path for the installed WhatsApp desktop client for Windows.


WhatsappTray is really useful for people who use WhatsApp extensively through their Windows Desktop PC. It adds most desired features for minimizing and closing WhatApp to the system tray.

You can download WhatsappTray from https://github.com/D4koon/WhatsappTray.