Test Your HDDs and SSDs with Smart Disk Checker

If your Windows PC is taking too long to load then it could be the old hard disk drive showing the signs of old age. To get the most out of your computer, you should keep a close watch on the health of your storage devices such as the hard disk drives (HDDs) and the solid state drives (SSDs). With the help of a free tool Smart Disk Checker we can accomplish this task very easily. It is a comprehensive tool for checking the health of your hard disk drives, solid state drives and USB based storage devices such as SD cards, pen-drives, memory cards, external hard drives etc.

Smart Disk Checker is available in a portable version that does not require any installation. This portable version is very useful if you have to check the health of SSD or HDD installed on many different computers. You can copy portable version of Smart Disk Checker on a USB pen drive and use it on any Windows PC you want.

Smart Disk Checker

Smart Disk Checker has a user interface that displays all the storage devices connected to your PC. For each of he device, it displays the health status, brand name, model name, capacity, temperature, serial number, interface, startup count, and operating hours.

The program is compatible with almost all types of mass storage media such as SATA, IDE, NVME or USB. However, it cannot be tested inside a virtual machine environment. In the free version, you can check the SMART status of the selected devices. This SMART window displays important attribute indicators related to the health of the hard disk.

Smart Disk Checker

The free version does not allow diagnostic of any kind. The Quick and Full diagnostic is available only in the paid pro version. However, in the free version, we can use additional program functions – erasing the disk content in a way that the data cannot be recovered and  viewing the data in the hexadecimal format.

You can download Smart Disc Checker from https://www.smartdiskchecker.com/?lang=en.