Save Anything to PDF or Image File with Win2PDF

Win2PDF is a virtual printer for Windows that can print anything into a PDF file or an image. This is very useful when you want to save a document in the PDF file format or in an image format instead of actually printing it. Once installed on a Windows PC, it is available from all the applications that are able to print such as image viewers, web browsers, document editors and so on.

When we install Win2PDF, it installs an additional printer driver into the system. This virtual printer is available with two names Win2PDF and Win2Image. The Win2PDF is used for saving a file into the PDF file format and Win2Image is used for saving any file into an image. It supports saving of the images in various image file formats such as JPEG and PNG.

After it has been installed, it is immediately available for use. We can launch any application that allows printing and choose to print using any of the two available Win2PDF or Win2Image printers. For example, when we try to print an image in the Windows  Photo Viewer, we can choose either Win2PDF or Win2Image from the list of printers.


When we try to save a webpage in form of a PDF file, it choose a name automatically. Inside the webpage converted to PDF, any of the links beginning with http or www are automatically converted to PDF hyperlinks. Win2PDF also integrates with Outlook/Outlook Express so that e-mail attachments can be automatically converted into PDF files. In addition, files that you have saved on the clipboard can also be saved as PDF files with the help of the software and with just a few clicks.


As if virtual printers are not enough, it places a shortcut on the Windows desktop using which we can select a source file and it saves that file into the PDF file format. This is much easier than first opening that source file into an application.

You can download Win2PDF from