PerigeeCopy : Advanced File Copying Tool for Windows

Even though carrying out any type of the file operations is very easy on a Windows PC, it leaves something to be desired. For example, when we are copying a large number of files from one location to another, the file copy operation may fail just because of a single error. A third-party application called PerigeeCopy can fill this void easily by providing much more advanced file operations for Windows users.

In order to start using PerigeeCopy, you have to first install it on your Windows PC. It works on all Windows versions starting from Windows XP to Windows 11. The installer comes with the source code files as well as the compiled binaries needed to use the application.


After the installation, we have to open the PerigeeCopy configuration window from the Start Menu. In this configuration window, we have to enable Use PerigeeCopy by default for all file operations option. Only after this, we will be able to use it when copying, moving or deleting files.


Now we can use our Windows PC as usual. Whenever we choose to perform any of the file operations such copying files, deleting files, or moving them from one location to another, PerigeeCopy will take over instead of the native Windows File Explorer. You can tell that PerigeeCopy is working by looking at the progress window of the file operations.


Even if you do not choose PerigeeCopy to take over all the file operations using the aforementioned method, we can use it from the right-click menu. For example, we can right-click on a file and choose PerigeeDelete to delete it. We can copy files using Ctrl-C and paste it by right-clicking and choosing PerigeePaste from the context-menu. We can also drag-n-drop files and choose PerigeeCopy Here or PerigeeMove Here from the right-click menu in File Explorer.

You can download PerigeeCopy from