Directory Monitor : Watch Folders for Any Changes

When you are sharing your files with others over a network, you have to keep an eye how others are making changes to the files in the shared folder. They may overwrite or modify the files in a way that is undesirable or harmful. In order to keep an eye on a folder’s contents, we can use a third-party software called Directory Monitor. It is an advanced program for tracking the changes taking place in a folder of our choice. The folder can be a local folder, networked folder or a shared folder.

Directory Monitor has a unique interface where we can add as many folders as we want. For each folder we can configure which events are to be monitored which could be any of the file operations such as new files, file access, modifications, deletions, renames etc. We can also configure whether we want to monitor sub-folders, properties, the users accessing the directories, etc. We can also include or exclude the file patterns to be monitored inside that selected directory.

Directory Monitor

The program will then monitor all the added directories for all the configured events. When adding a networked folder we can use either the local area network IP address or the domain name for the networked computer in the remote folder path. For both the local and the remote directories it will inform us every time there are modifications such as deleting, adding, renaming the file and any other.

Directory Monitor is a very useful program if you want to keep a close eye on how the files are being modified and who is modifying them – both the users and the processes. All the changes are monitored in the real time and it also saves all the events to a log file.

You can download Directory Monitor from