Battery Mode : Battery Status Indicator for Windows

All laptop computers come with Lithium-ion batteries that power the computer when it is not connected to an AC power outlet. When a battery is detected, Windows displays a battery indicator icon in the system tray. This icon used to offer many features but Microsoft removed them in the new versions Windows 10 and 11. We can bring all those advanced features back using Battery Mode too.

Battery Mode is an open-source tool that adds an additional battery indicator in the notification area of Windows desktop. It comes with some very advanced options that are not available from the battery icon provided by Microsoft Windows 10 or 11.

Battery Mode can be installed on Windows or it can be used as a portable application. It stays in the system tray and when we right-click on it, we can access advanced options. We can turn off the screen, change the power profiles and view battery status.

Battery Mode

In the options for the Battery Mode application, we can change the icon color and style. We can decide whether to show power scheme indicator on the primary monitor only or on all the connected monitors. We can also configure power schemes to be used by the Battery Mode application. We can cycle through these power schemes using the hotkey Alt+Pause.

Battery Mode

When we click on the small battery icon in the taskbar, it displays a small window containing all the information about the battery status – such as current power source, full battery life, remaining battery life etc.

Battery Mode

Battery Mode does not modify any system files or replace the original battery icon displayed on Windows desktop. If you don’t want two battery icons displayed (one native battery indication and second from Battery Mode), then you can disable the Microsoft battery icon from the notification settings.

You can download Battery Mode from