Create Valentine’s Day Cards with Happy Card

Valentine’s Day is a special day for the couples and they want to express their love for each other by gifting each other something nice. You can make this day extra special by designing your own greeting card because then you can personalize it and add your photos in it too. We have already posted about how to create Valentine’s day cards using Adobe Creative Cloud Express. But there is also an offline software called Happy Card using which we can create any number of greeting cards easily.

After the installation Happy Card software, it needs to be registered which requires only name and email address. After the registration is complete, we have to click on the Greeting Card button in the startup window of the Happy Card software. It can also create gift cards and invitation cards.

Happy Card

We can begin by creating a new project and import a template from the program itself. There are many different templates available in the program. In the card, we can add text, stamps, forms, and images. It comes with many fabulous looking decorative fonts which make the cards appear really beautiful. At any point, you can save the project and at any later time can open it.

When you have completed creating the new Valentine’s day card, you can export it to a PNG, BMP, or JPEG image file. You can also print it off directly from the Happy Card window. Furthermore, you can share your card through a number of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or email messages.

Happy Card

The Happy Card program is not free and is available in a trial version which works for 30 days. The trial version adds a watermark on the cards and does not offer any help support from the developer.

You can download Happy Card from or