Find Identical Videos Using Duplicate Video Remover

These days everyone has an HD camera in their phones using which they are making videos here and there. All these videos are then copied to the local storage drive on a PC for backup. It is only a matter of a time when we find thousands of videos stored on our Windows PC.

Because sometimes we copy these video files in more than one folders by mistake or forgetfulness, there are hundreds of identical video files stored on your drives. These videos are identical and are just taking up many gigabytes of drive space which could be used by other applications, games or the operating system itself.

Using a free software Duplicate Video Remover we can find and remove all the identical video files from our system. This program is able to find the identical video files in two ways – by matching the content and by using the file properties of various video files. In he user interface of Duplicate Video Remover, we can choose what kind of detection we want to use.

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We can also select the file types to be searched as there are many different types of video file formats. The next thing we have to do is add all the folders which are to be included in the search. Similarly, we can add folders to be excluded from the search. We can also skip zero files, system files and hidden files. There is an option to limit the video file size to look for. Finally, we can begin the search by clicking on the Start button.

In the search results, we can select the duplicate files and see a preview of these videos. Only after getting satisfied fully by watching the previews, we should select the files for removal. The results can also be exported to a text file for later reference.

Duplicate Video Remover

We noticed that it does not play the previews of the videos unless some video codecs are installed on the system. You can install StarCodec x64 codec pack on your system to take care of this problem.

You can download Duplicate Video Remover from