Listen to Online Radio Stations with GOM Audio

Listening to radio stations is a habit that I got when I was a high school student. A good radio station can be your good friend when you are studying all night long for the exams. Whether it is music or talk radio, it gives us non-stop company and we never feel alone. And now with the power of the internet, we are able to tune in to the thousands of the radio stations from all over the world.

For listening to online radio stations, we can either visit the websites of a particular radio stations or we can use a special online radio tuning software. For example, we can listen to 98.9 Magic FM radio fro its webpage at or we can use a special software that can play music using a URL such as GOM Audio.

GOM Audio is an audio player for Windows and Android. It is able to play all kinds of audio file formats. In addition, it can also play livestreams from URLs of many kinds. For listening to online radios using GOM Audio all we have to do is launch GOM Audio, right-click on the playlist anywhere, and then select AddAdd URL. Finally, we can copy-paste the URL for the online radio stream.

GOM Audio

We can find these online radio URLs from a number of sources. Some of the radio station websites offer these URLs. For example, we can find the URL for KPCC 89.3 FM radio on its website easily. Then there is the massive online radio station list we can find from SHOUTcast at It offers the playlist file in three common formats – PLS, M3U and XSPF.

GOM Audio can save the playlist itself in M3U8 format which is very useful as this format of the playlist can be opened using any audio player such as VLC Media Player, 1by1 or even XMPlay.

You can download GOM Audio for Windows from