AudioMass : Online Audio Recorder and Editor App

When we want to record audio from any source, we need a software such as Audacity installed on our computer. But what if we don’t have any user permissions to install any software on the system? In those circumstances, we can use a web app called AudioMass. It is an online web based tool that can be used to record sound from any audio input such as stereo mix, line in or microphone.

In addition, AudioMass can be used to edit your existing audio files. It supports all the editing tools such as trimming, cutting, pasting, changing amplitude or applying a number of audio effects. It works in any modern web browser such as Chrome, Vivaldi or Opera. According to the developer, this web app has been written using JavaScript only which loads very fast in the browser.

When you open AudioMass web app in your web browser for the first time, it asks you to drag-n-drop your audio file. It supports a large number of audio file formats including AAC, MP3,  AIF, FLAC, IFF, M4A, M4B, MID, MIDI, MPA, MPC, OGA, OGG, OPUS, RA, RAM, SND, WAV and WMA. You can open an audio file from your computer, from a URL or start to record a new audio file. If you want to experiment with AudioMass, they also provide a sample audio file.


After you have finished editing an audio file or have completed an audio recording, you can save it as an audio file (MP3 or WAV) to your local computer. For this, you have to choose Export/Download from the app menubar. ou can export the whole file or only a selection of it.

What if you go offline for some reason, how will you use AudioMass? The developer has already thought about it and offers an offline version. This offline version is stored in your web browser for the times when you are offline.  You can access his feature from the app’s Help menu. You will be able to use this offline version without any internet access.

You can start using AudioMass web app by visiting in your web browser.