Check WiFi Connection History in Windows with WifiHistoryView

Sometimes when you are outdoors sitting comfortably in a restaurant or a café, you try to find a WiFi hotspot offered for free by that business. While most of the time, you can connect to the right WiFi network, sometimes you accidentally connect to a free-access WiFi momentarily. How will you find out later which of the WiFi networks your computer made connections to? We can use a freeware called WifiHistoryView to see all the WiFi networks that were connected to your PC in the past.

WifiHistoryView is a portable application. We can download WifiHistoryView, extract the ZIP archive to a folder and launch WifiHistoryView.exe from there. The application comes with a CHM help file for reference. This help contains the same contents as the WifiHistoryView webpage.

As soon as you launch WifiHistoryView, it scans your system events log and lists all of the WiFi networks previously connected to your PC. You can see at a glance when and what was initiated. This lists whether you have connected to a network for the first time or for a repeated time. You can also see the name of the network adapter, the GUID, your local MAC address, the profile name, and the SSID of the network. You can also see the type of connection and the encryption used at a glance. We can export the selected entries from the events to a file which could be in the CSV format, tab-delimited, XML, HTML or plain-text format.


WifiHistoryView works by accessing the system events log for your PC. Then it filters all the entries and leaves only the WiFi networked related entries. If we want to access the WiFi network events of another computer, then we can load the events log from a remote computer too. For accessing the events log of another computer, we have to press F9, select the source : This computer, external file, remote computer, multiple computer, or shadow copy.

You can download WifiHistoryView from