Tenacity : Multi-Track Audio Recorder and Editor for Windows

We all know about Audacity – an open-source audio editor and recorder for Windows and other platforms. Tenacity is a fork of Audacity. In other words, it is started out from the Audacity base code but has now taken a life of its own. The reason why the open-source community decided to fork Audacity is because of a telemetry code that was added in the past (and later removed after seeing the users turn away). As a result Tenacity was born which works just like Audacity but with the telemetry feature removed.

Tenacity is easy to use and works on multiple platforms just like Audacity. We can use it to edit an already existing audio file or record a new audio from a number of supported sources e.g., line in, microphone, stereo mix and more. We begin either by opening an audio file or by starting to record new audio.

Tenacity - Fork of Audacity

If you want to open an audio file then you can pick almost any audio file as the input audio files are supported by the FFmpeg project. This ensures accessing a large number of audio file formats both for opening the source audio and for exporting the final audio file to an audio file.

Tenacity offers many features for removing noise from the audio recordings. We can also correct the audio files and make them sound better. For example, we can increase the audio amplitude of the audio recordings so that they sound louder. Similarly, we can apply an effect called “loudness normalization” which is great for audio recording of speeches, talks or discussions. This effects raises or lowers the amplitude of the audio automatically.

If you recording multiple tracks at the same time and now you hear the two stereo tracks are slightly out of sync, then you can align the two tracks. You can align the tracks start to end, align end to end, start end to zero, start by manually filling up the form.

You can download Tenacity from https://tenacityaudio.org/.