Explore the Outer Space with AAS WorldWide Telescope

If you are a fan of exploring the outer space and spending hours looking at the stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and other mesmerizing objects located thousands of light years from the Earth then you are going to love AAS WorldWide Telescope. It is not an actual physical telescope that can show you everything in real-time. However, it is a collection of space observation databases and related software. These databases contain both the numerical data and the images acquired from authentic sources such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra Space Telescope, or Spitzer Space Telescope.

The AAS in AAS WorldWide Telescope stands for the American Astronomical Society. They offer this virtual telescope in a number of formats. There is a web client that we can start using from the web browser itself. We can also download a client software for Windows. And there is also a Python based software called pywwt. The easiest of these all is the web client that we can instantly start using from any modern web browser like Chrome or Vivaldi.

WorldWide Telescope

If you want to explore the sky, then you can switch to the “Explore” section and explore collections of various space objects, constellations, galaxies, star systems and more. If you know the name or partial name of an object, then you can search for that object too.

If you want to gain some knowledge about various objects in the outer space, then AAS WorldWide Telescope offers “Guided Tours”. These guided tours are high-quality videos that take you to a tour of the space. For example, there is a guided tour about galaxies in which they explain different kinds of galaxies that we can find using a telescope. There are many interesting guided tours about nebula, black holes and supernova.

You can access AAS WorldWide Telescope by visiting https://worldwidetelescope.org/.