Manage and Scan MAME ROM Collection with clrmamepro

MAME is the most popular emulator for the old game consoles like NES. These game consoles were popular in the 80s and 90s but have since discontinued. Through the use of MAME, we can play those old games on a Windows PC easily. But in order to play these old games from the bygone era, we need the ROM images. We can create the ROM images ourselves or download them from some places on the internet. According to MAME database there are nearly 38,000 such ROMs are available.

When you have a game ROM collection of multiple thousands, it becomes hard to manage them. Some of these ROMs can become corrupt and no longer work. But if you have a large number of ROMs, you will never be able to find the damaged ROM files unless you try them yourself.


With the help of a third-party application called clrmamepro, we can check all the ROM files in your game ROM collection. This application scans, checks and verifies all the ROMs using a number of methods. The corrupt ROMs are removed and you can replace them later.

Using clrmamepro is very easy. It is configured and used in just three steps. First of all you have to create a profile. In the profile window, you have to select mame.exe, choose a description and then choose MAME from the list before saving the configuration.


As soon as you save the configuration, it will start “receiving the data” which means that it goes through all the game entries in the MAME configuration. Next you have to add the ROM folder to the profile. This is the folder where ROM files and sub-folders are placed. After this, the last step is to click on the Scanner button which begins scanning or checking the ROM files. A report of the results are displayed once the scan is complete.

You can download clrmamepro from