Share Secret Messages with Friends Using CopyCoder

People have been writing secret messages since forever. The secret messages are written in a script that nobody else can read without the proper training. The famous Italian scientist of the old times, Leonardo Da Vinci, used to write his diary in mirror script that could be read only in a mirror.

In today’s times, we have access to very high and complicated cryptographic algorithms, therefore these old methods of writing hidden or secret messages have become rather obsolete and are meant only for fun. One of these methods is using a specially designed glass or mirror to read the message.

If you also want to write or print such secret messages that nobody can read without the correct tool, then you can use the CopyCoder web app. This online tool can turn your messages into secret codes. The overall result is very interesting.


In order to use CopyCoder, we have to just visit the website. Then you have to enter the text into the message box provided. After entering your message, you can click on the red button labeled Automatic Code Generator. This will create an image with the secret code which can only be decoded using a CopyCoder device. The message can be saved into a JPEG or PNG image. But a better way is to print it out on a piece of paper.


The secret message looks like Arabian script but it is not Arabian. It is actually still English even after the coding is done, but the CopyCoder has modified it and hidden some portion of the text. You can place the  CopyCoder device over the coded text and read it instantly. The CopyCoder device can be bought from its official website for a small price.

You can visit to get more information about CopyCoder and their merchandise.