BiglyBT : Free Cross-Platform BitTorrent Client

BitTorrent is a special P2P protocol that does not depend on a dedicated server to download or share files. It depends on a network created from a number of computers and files are shared across these computers. Anyone using a BitTorrent client can join the network and request a copy of the shared file. For example, many Linux distros are being offered through BitTorrent networks. Similarly, a popular Microsoft Office alternative – LibreOffice is being offered through Torrent links which reduce the load on its main download server.

If you are also looking for to a BitTorrent client then you should consider BiglyBT. It is a free, open-source Java based BitTorrent client. Because it is designed using Java, it runs on almost all the platforms supported by Java such as macOS, Linux and Windows. The BiglyBT website offers downloads that contain JRE inside it so that the users do not have to install Java on their computers. Unlike some other similar BitTorrent clients, BiglyBT does not have any built-in ads and banners that might cause distractions and annoyances.


As we launch the BiglyBT software,  it offers the possibility to test the speed of our Internet connection before starting to download files. This is because some Windows settings might be slowing down connection to many nodes over a BigTorrent network. When an irregularity is detected, an attempt is made to modify the settings in order to achieve the highest possible performance using the same internet connection.

The user interface does not stand out with anything unusual. Its operation is the same as with other similar programs. From the settings level, you can impose limits on the download and upload speeds, filter specific sources by IP addresses or periodically check the correctness of individual parts of downloaded files. Other than the basic features offered by BiglyBT, we can extend the feature set through the use of plugins.

You can download BiglyBT from