Generate Disposable Email Addresses with

No matter what kind of account you have to create, they ask for your email address. And the problem is when you give your email address for these accounts on various sites, they start sending you spam, offers and announcements right away. This can become annoying very soon if you are receiving so many unwanted email messages from so many of the websites.

One solution of this problem is that you have many email addresses from many different email service providers. One email address for your work, another email address for your friends, yet another for strangers and fourth one for the unnecessary site registrations. But this way you end up creating too many email addresses and you still receive email messages regularly.

Another simpler solution is to use disposable email addresses. Disposable email addresses are just like disposable shaving razors or disposable paper plates. You can use them once and toss them in the recycle bin. With the disposable email addresses, you can register on any site that allows them and still be able to avoid any unwanted spam coming your way. Disposable Email Address is one of the disposable email service providers. In order to use their service, all you have to do is visit their site in any web browser and it will create a random email address for your use. You can keep using this email addresses as long as you want and then forget about them when you have used them. They will disappear into thin air. You can use a number of domain names for creating this email addresses.

Since there is no password required for checking the inbox of these email addresses, you should not use them for anything personal or important. For example, do not use them for creating an Amazon account and ordering some products to your home address.

You can start creating disposable email addresses by visiting