Check Network Status with 10-Strike Network Monitor

When we are working with the networks of any kind, our primary concern is to see whether the various computers connected to the network are reachable or not. We want to see if a host is accessible from our end or not. For this, we can use the traditional approach of using a number of command line tools such as ping and tracert. But if you want to have a GUI application that can monitor a number of hosts in real-time then you can try 10-Strike Network Monitor. It is a tool for Windows and it is designed to analyze the connection status of various devices and servers connected to the LAN or directly to the internet.

After the installation of this software, it takes the user through a series of configuration steps which are necessary for the software to work. It automatically adds the localhost ( to the list of hosts that are to be monitored. It also adds a popular search engine to the list to check whether it is reachable through the internet. We can add as many computers or hosts as we want. It is going to check them after every few seconds and if they can be reached, then it will display their status in green. If they cannot be reached then they will be shown in the red color.

10-Strike Network Monitor

Other than the local and remote hosts, we can also monitor other things called Checks using 10-Strike Network Monitor. We have to add checks for this purpose. We can add many different kind of checks such as networking hardware, printers, system performance, IoT, logs and files, servers and their services, scripts and APIs and more.

10-Strike Network Monitor

All in all, 10-Strike Network Monitor is a very useful tool to have for all the network admins. Using this one software we can keep an eye on the status of various networks, hosts and checks.

You can download 10-Strike Network Monitor from