Digital Wellbeing for Windows : Keep Track of PC Usage

There is a Digital Wellbeing app developed by Google which is available only for Android users. Using this app, we can track our device using habits, for example, how many times we lock/unlock the phone screen, how many notifications we receive everyday and how many apps we use for how much time etc. When this data is displayed for us, it gives us an idea about how much time we are spending on just using a smartphone. We can then make changes to our device using lifestyle and attempt to acquire much healthier habits.

Now someone has created a similar application for Windows computers too. This app is called “Digital Wellbeing for Windows” and using this app we can keep track of the screen and app usage time on our Windows computers. In addition to detailed statistics, limits can also be set for daily app usage.

Digital Wellbeing for Windows

After installation of Digital Wellbeing for Windows, we need to restart our PC. The app will automatically start with Windows and continue to monitor your device usage behavior. It needs to monitor your PC habits for at least a few hours or a day before it can display any statistics. The longer you use this app, the better statistics it will be able to offer about your PC usage.

This is an open-source app and the developer says that it might contain bugs as it was created just for fun. This app offers you a clear and detailed insight into your daily usage time. Various diagrams make it possible to easily compare the usage time over several days. Windows usage can be viewed for the last seven days.

Digital Wellbeing for Windows

If you want to limit the daily usage time more strictly, you can also set your own time limits for individual apps. The free Windows application will then alert you as soon as the self-imposed limit has been reached.

You can get the Digital Wellbeing for Windows from