Effectrix : Powerful Music Sequencer with Many Effects

Professional musicians often have to use a sequencer. A music sequencer is a hardware device that allows you to record, edit and playback music. Using a sequencer we can change the order of audio clips, add effects, change volumes, and more. Of course, there is a software version of sequencers also available. For example, Effectrix is a software music sequencer that works on Windows PC. It does everything you would expect from a typical music sequencer but it focuses more on the effects.

Effectrix is a 16 step sequencer and has a tempo divider. It comes with 14 different effects that are the most popular effects used by the professionals. The user interface of Effectrix is designed to be not only very visually appealing but also visually convenient. The effects in various steps of the sequencers are displayed using colored blocks. Each of the colors corresponds to a particular effect. This way you can tell which effect is in use at what time just by looking at the colored blocks easily. The color coding of effects is displayed in the same window, so you can use the reference in case you have just started using Effectrix.


Effectrix is comaptible with any DAW (digital audio workstation) and we can quickly start recording our music, conversations, narrations, audio books, or podcasts with professional level editing. It also works with DJ software so that you can use it in parties, live podcasts, livestreams, online radio shows and online games.

Effectrix comes with a manual of its own in the PDF file format which details all the features offered by this software music sequencer. It is also useful for the beginners who do not know what they are working with. It might take a little time for the new users, but Effectrix is all they are going to need for all of they music production needs.

You can download Effectrix from https://sugar-bytes.de/effectrix.