CapsLock Indicator : Display Caps, Scroll & Numlock Status

In the old days, laptops used to come with half a dozen indicators such as hard drive activity indicator, power status, battery charge status, Caps Lock status, WiFi status, Nums Lock status, Scroll Lock status, and more. But now the newer laptops have minimal designs and do not always have LED indicators for special keys such as Caps Lock. For those laptops, we can display the status of these special Lock keys using a small freeware tool called CapsLock Indicator. It shows you the status of the Caps Lock key as well as the Scroll and Num Lock in the notification area of  the Windows desktop.

When installed, it asks you to choose one of the themes – light or dark. You can also toggle automatic updates for the CapsLock Indicator so that you can receive the latest version of the program as soon as it becomes available.

CapsLock Indicator

After this, you are shown a basic configuration window from where we can change the behavior and appearance of the program easily. We can choose whether an icon indicator has to be displayed and for which of the keys. Similarly, we can choose whether a notification message is to be displayed too and for how long.

CapsLock Indicator

We ca also change the font and colors used for all the notifications. In addition to the notifications, we can also make it display persistent overlay on the desktop. We can choose the location of the persistent overlay on the screen and in which conditions it is going to be made visible.

CapsLock Indicator

CapsLock Indicator is a very small application and does not put any stress on the system resources. Using this tool we can keep ourselves notified of Caps Lock, Scroll key or Num Lock status changes. It is highly recommended for those minimal laptops that do not come with any physical key indicator LEDs.

You can download CapsLock Indicator from