WinCaffeine : Prevents Windows from Going to Sleep

What do you do the week before a big exam? Obviously, you study like you have studied never before. But what keeps you awake through those nights is coffee – lots of it. The caffeine inside coffee or tea makes us stay alert and awake. This is why we can feel so alert and focus on work at hand after a cup of hot coffee. This is why everyone gets ready for work only after having a cup of coffee.

Our Windows computers are also same, they tend to fall asleep if left unattended for some time. They may get into screensaver mode, sleep mode or suspend themselves if they do not detect any input from the user for a while. But what if you want to keep your Windows PC from sleeping because you were downloading something? In that case, we can give it some WinCaffeine and it will keep the Windows PC awake.

Just like regular caffeine keeps humans awake and alert, WinCaffeine keeps a Windows PC awake and prevents it from sleeping without having to make any changes in the system settings. It is a portable program and does not require any installation. It places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop.


If you click on this icon, it turns into an icon of a steaming hot cup full of coffee – this is going to prevent your PC from falling asleep, running screensaver or suspend itself. Basically it will prevent anything that gets triggered if your computer does not receive user input (mouse clicks, mouse movement, keyboard input, touchpad touches etc) for some time.


WinCaffeine is a tiny program, does not interfere with anything else on your system, does not modify the system settings and does not have any options. We can just run it and click on its icon to make it prevent Windows from sleeping.

You can download WinCaffeine from