Encrypt Text Messages with Free BCTextEncoder

There are so many file encryption tools available for Windows users such as AXCrypt or ccrypt. In fact, Windows itself comes with BitLocker for the sole purpose of encrypting files. However, not many tools can be found that are designed with the encryption of text messages in mind. There is a unique text message encryption tool called BCTextEncoder that can be used to encrypt or decrypt your text data on the fly. It uses the powerful AES 256 bit cipher for all of its encryption needs.

BCTextEncoder is a portable application and does not require any installation. It is available in form of a single EXE file which makes it ideal for carrying on a USB pendrive. We can use it on any Windows PC without actually having to install it first.

BCTextEncoder has a single window user interface where all of the features are available. We can  start by copying the plain-text data to the clipboard and then paste it in the Decoded Text section. In order to encrypt it, we can click on the Encode button. This will bring up a window where we have to enter the password or a public key. The encoded data will be shown in the Encoded Text section.


For decryption of the text message, we have to use a similar method. This time we first copy-paste the encoded text in the lower text area and then click on the Decode button. You will have to then enter the encryption password and the decoded text will appear in the upper text area.

BCTextEncoder is an ideal tool for sending and receiving encrypted messages by email. We do not have to install any heavy duty encryption software in the email client and yet we can send heavily encrypted messages using this little portable tool.

You can download BCTextEncoder from https://www.jetico.com/free-security-tools/encrypt-text-bctextencoder.