How to Remove Microsoft Office License from Registry

Microsoft Office is the best Office software suite available in the market. There are so many alternatives available such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice but they cannot match the extensive set of features and the support provided by Microsoft Office. But when Microsoft Office does not work as expected then the real nightmare starts.

There are many reasons why Microsoft Office might behave erratically. One reason for problems with Office is the problematic updates. Another problem could be the corruption Office files or accidental removal of Office related files. In the latter case, we can just re-install Microsoft Office all over again to fix the problems.

When reinstalling Microsoft Office on Windows, we may encounter a problem that prevents the re-installation because it was already installed. In those circumstances, we can remove the Office related information from the Windows Registry and then attempt a re-install of Microsoft Office.

Office Key Remover

Using a freeware tool called Office Key Remover we can easily and quickly remove all the Microsoft Office licensing information from our Windows PC. It is a small software that offers multiple buttons in a tiny window. Each of these buttons are supposed to remove a particular version of Microsoft Office. By clicking on the respective buttons, we can remove the licensing information related to that Office version.

For example, if we click on the button labeled Remove Office 2013 License Information, then it will remove license keys for Office 2013 from your PC. However, if it does not find the related licensing information stored on your PC then it will simply complain that it could not find such information on your PC.

It should be noted that this tool removes the licensing information of Microsoft Office from your PC in seconds. To be on the safer side, you should make a backup of your system using the Windows System Restore. There are other tools to backup activation state of Office products as well.

You can download Office Key Remover tool from