Force Toolkit : Make Changes to System by Force

When working with a Windows PC we come across so many situations when a regular method does not work and we have to resort to offbeat, undocumented or forceful methods instead. For example, if we happen to stumble upon a window that has all its buttons or other controls greyed out (disabled), then we may have to use a program like Force Toolkit to forcefully enable those controls. It is also important to investigate why those controls were disabled in the first place, but this software makes things work for the time being.

ForceToolkit is a lightweight and portable program, so we do not have to install it before using it. It can do more than just enabling greyed out buttons. But first thing that we have to do is tell it about the program or window that we want to manipulate. For this, we have to drag the cross-hair icon from Force Toolkit and drop them over the window or program that you want to select. Force Toolkit will fetch the process ID and window handles for that window this way.

Force Toolkit

Once you have selected a window, you have all the available operation for your use. You can do many things now – enable/disable, hide/show, set it always on top/cancel always on top, force close the window, force kill the process, force to redraw, force to change the window title, force to change the window position/size.

It is going to come really handy when you come across a window that is not designed well and you want to make changes to it yourself. For example, if there is a window with fixed size, we can change its size using the Force Toolkit. It can also be tons of fun because we can change the titles of any of the visible windows.

You can download Force Toolkit from