ScreenRotator : Rotate Screen Using Software Only

Sometimes when I open a PDF file, I realize it is designed to be viewed on a device with the portrait orientation such as a tablet or a rotatable screen. We can read it as it is but we can have a better experience if we could rotate the screen a little.

One way to rotate the PC screen is to use a monitor that comes with a swivel stand. Using the swivel mechanism, we can rotate the computer screen at any angle – 90°, 180° or anything in between. These swivel screens can be attached to any modern LED monitors and are easily available from Amazon.

But Microsoft has also added some hotkeys to rotate the screen without the need of any physical swivel. Even since Windows 10 was released, we can rotate the computer screen using the arrow hotkeys easily. But for this, you need a full size keyboard as we are going to use some of the modifier keys with the arrow keys. For example, we can use thhe hotkey Ctrl + Alt + → to rotate the screen to the right which is 90°. Similarly, other arrow keys give a different rotation of the screen.


If you find using these hotkeys very complicated, then you can use a free software called ScreenRotator for the same effect. It is a small portable application that stays in the system tray once launched. We can click on its system tray icon to choose the rotation angle from the list – Landscape 0°, Portrait 90°, Landscape Inverse 180° and Portrait Inverse 270°. If you have multiple monitors connected to your PC, then you can also choose the screen for which these rotations are applied.

Using the ScreenRotator is very easy and anybody can do it with just a click. It is obviously much more convenient than using the hotkeys offered by Microsoft.

You can download ScreenRotator from