LT Browser : Test a Webpage on Various Mobile Devices

Website designers have to think about all the devices, browsers and platforms when designing, modifying or updating their websites. The website should work on all the possible devices and browsers when a user accesses it from those platforms. But the developers might not always have all the devices for testing their websites. This is where an application called LT Browser comes handy.

LT Browser is a Windows application that can be used to view a website as seen when accessed from different mobile devices. It can be said to be a web browser for creating, testing and debugging mobile websites. It can help web developers and webmasters to test and evaluate various web resources designed for mobile devices. LT Browser will allow you to carefully check the view of the website in the appropriate resolutions compatible with Android and iOS devices.

LT Browser

LT Browser comes with many known Android and iOS based mobile devices. We can easily test a mobile device or their resources on these mobile platforms. In addition, we can also create a custom device profile of our own with custom resolutions and scree size. Then on the created device, we can test the displayed website in different screen sizes.

LT Browser

Even if you can load these websites in LT Browser and view them under different platforms or resolutions, you won’t be able to tell if those sites are passing all the checkmarks. This is why LT Browser has a performance test which is done for both the mobile devices as well as the desktop platforms. The performance test gives a score along with all the details about the metrics. Using these details, we can further improve the design and performance of a website.

The LT Browser is offered in a free version and also in a commercial version. The free version has numerous limitations.

You can download LT Browser from