AuthPass : Open-Source Free Password Manager

There are many password management applications available. Some of them are free and others are commercial. Some of them are too simple to be useful while others are too complicated to be used everyday. This is where AuthPass comes in like fresh breeze. It is a free, open-source and cross-platform password manager that works on all the operating systems used today. It works for desktop computers running Windows, Linux or macOS. It works also for mobile devices running on iOS or Android.

AuthPass is a small application but it packs all the most desired features in its tiny package. It is highly secure and uses very strong cipher to encrypt all the saved passwords. When launched for the very first time, it asks the user to create a new database and this database is then encrypted and password protected.


In each of these databases (and we can have as many as we want), AuthPass allows us to save, manage and secure our account passwords and other login information. We can organize passwords by groups, search stored authentication data and easily encrypt and decrypt passwords with a key file.

The program allows you to unlock the program with a fingerprint – that is, it allows you to store the master password in KeyStore / KeyChain secured with your own biometric data. This ensures that only you can access the data. However, we can also protect the passwords with a simple password or key file.


The encrypted database containing your information such as login credentials and passwords is stored locally, but it also supports integration with many cloud services. Users can easily synchronize passwords between all mobile and desktop devices. It supports various cloud services such as  Google Drive, Dropbox or WebDAV (NextCloud, OwnCloud, etc.


AuthPass also comes with a strong password generator which can be used to auto-generate a very strong password. This password can use characters from five different sets – lowercase, uppercase, numerals, special characters, and umlauts. The “Umlauts” character set is not accepted by many services and could be difficult to type.


All in all, AuthPass passes all the checkboxes for a good password manager. It works on all the platforms, has strong encryption, offers a strong password generator and is open-source. We recommend AuthPass for everyone – no matter which platform you are using.

You can download AuthPass from

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