Listen to Thousands of FM Radio Stations with FM Live XII

An ordinary FM radio tuner can receive only local stations but with the help of an online FM tuning application, we can tune to many radio stations all over the world. There are many such FM radio applications available for the Windows operating system – on of them being FM Live XII.

FM Live is a very intuitively designed application and works on Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. It requires the latest version of .NET framework and Microsoft Edge WebView2 to be installed on your PC. If any of these components are not installed, it can fetch them from the internet and install on your PC for you during the setup.

FM Live has a fluid user interface and is designed to work with the touch-screen computers. We can find the stations belonging to all the countries in its interface easily. We can also sort them according to the genre, country and more. Then there is a search option which can be used to look for a radio station using a search term.


When you find a radio station that you wish to listen to, you can simply click on it and it will start playing on your computer. When an FM radio station is being played, you can see the media control bar appear in the FM Live windows. Using this, we can play, pause, record and stop the FM radio station.

If you like a radio station, then you can bookmark and create a list of your favorite radio stations that you can listen to often. FM Live contains 7497 radio stations in its list, some of them do not really work but we can also add our own radio stations in this program. If you record a radio program, then it will save it as WMA audio file on the local storage drive.

You can download FM Live XII from