Auto-Change Proxy Server with Asoftis IP Changer

Before the VPN servers became all too popular, people used to use proxy servers in order to hide their online identity. However, using proxy servers is a headache as it is a long and tedious process. First we have to find a working proxy server along with its port number. Then we can add it to the computer’s network settings from the Windows settings or the Control Panel. The problem is that what is presented as a working and fast proxy usually does not work at all. This means we have to try dozens of proxy servers before finding a reliable one.

A third-party software called Asoftis IP Changer handles the whole process automatically. As we launch it, it downloads a fresh list of available proxy servers. When we click on the Enable IP Changer button, it starts to go through the list of the proxy servers one by one. The non-working proxies are added to the blacklist. When it finds a working proxy server, it connects to it and checks the download speed in terms of kbps or Mbps. In the status, you can see the original IP address, proxy server status, changes IP address and the download speed.

Asoftis IP Changer

If you do not like the proxy server it has found for you, you can click on the Next IP button to force it to keep trying for more working proxy servers. We can also filter the proxy servers by the countries. For example,  if you want to use only United Stated proxy servers, then we can click on the Country button and choose United States from the list of countries.

Asoftis IP Changer

In the options for this application, we can change the connection timeout, read timeout, and the URL to test the connection once it has connected to a proxy server. It also warns that some websites might block the proxy servers, so those sites cannot be used as the test URL.

You can download Asoftis IP Changer from