Boss Key : Screen Privacy Tool for Windows PC

Boss Key is a privacy tool for Windows users who wish to hide all the contents of their computer screen at the click of a button. It is useful for the people who want to watch videos and play games but are afraid that their boss or teacher would find out. After installing this software, they can press a hotkey as soon as their boss approached and it will restore the screen back to the work mode- leaving no traces of the fun things like online games or videos behind.

Boss Key is a comprehensive software and the developer has put a lot of effort and thought in preparing it. At the click of a button (a special hotkey), it is able to hide the windows, mute the sound, start a new application, bring an already running application on top, hide the taskbar, hide the desktop icons, hide tray icons, hide wallpaper, change the display resolution, hide any newly created windows and more. Basically, it can hide everything that you were doing before someone tries to spies on your from behind your back.

Boss Key

While it hides everything for you when someone is snooping around, it also brings it all back at the click of a button. So suppose a co-worker takes a slow walk behind you with his eyes riveted at your computer screen, you can use Boss Key to hide everything and when he has walked away, you can use the same Boss Key to bring it all back.

Boss Key also hides itself so that nobody can find out that you are using Boss Key. The only way you can access Boss Key and change its settings is through a number of hotkeys which you can change at the the first time when it is launched. It is a great tool to have if you are working in an environment where your co-workers are spending more time in snooping in on you than working on their desks.

You can download Boss Key demo version from