Game Cleaner : Clean Junk from Steam and Epic Game Launchers

There was a time when all the video games were released on disks. The day when a new game was released witnessed huge crowds and long lines in front of stores. For a really popular game series, people stood in the lines from very early in the morning. But now that is a distant memory from the past. Now all games are released through digital distribution platforms like Steam, Epic Games store, GOG and more.

When we install hundreds of games, try them and move on to try even more games through these online game stores, we end up having a number of unwanted files that are left behind some of these games. In order to clean all these junk files, we can use a freeware application called Game Cleaner.

Game Cleaner

Game Cleaner is a portable application that can clean up all the regions of the hard disk drive associated with these game distribution software like Steam and Epic Games Launcher. As soon as we launch this application, it shows the options for removing various left-behind files from Steam and Epic. We can also choose to clean files  belonging to some other games that were not installed through Steam or Epic.

We have to scan our system for redundant and obsolete files first. During the scan it checks for main game files, cache, installed games, and some other files. After the scanning is complete, you can go through the list of found files and remove them if you are sure of removing them.

Earlier versions of Game Cleaner had support only for Steam but now they have added support for Epic Games Launcher too. In the window of Game Launcher, you can also see the hardware information, operating system installed, DirectX version and more about the Windows PC.

You can download Game Cleaner from