cFosSpeed : Optimize and Enhance Internet Connection

If even after paying a lot of money for your high speed internet connection, you are not able to get the full download speeds, then you might have to complain to the internet service provider. But sometimes the slowdown of the internet could be caused by your own Windows PC. By tweaking a little of your Windows PC settings, we can increase the download speeds as well as the responsiveness of various servers.

We can do all of this manually by changing values in the registry, but there is a dedicated application for accelerating the internet connection performance called cFosSpeed. This application has to be installed on your Windows PC before you can use it. There is no portable version of the application available.

cFosSpeed makes use of the traffic shaping to increase the available bandwidth for the Windows users and also reduces the ping time. Moreover, it can also reduce problems related to the playback of media streams such as watching a movie on Netflix.


It can automatically find how you are using the internet connection on your PC and accordingly adjust the settings for better performance. For example, if you are an online gamer then you can enjoy its game analyzer feature. It optimizes the connection for online games and improves the stability of the internet connection established during a heavy load when transferring data. cFosSpeed ​​enables extended traffic management which is a very useful feature for network administrators.


Just like the online games, it has a special feature for the P2P networks. The application speeds up the network operation and is perfect for people who use network games or P2P programs such as BitTorrent or Magnet. CFosSpeed  works with all types of internet connections – WiFi wireless networks, ADSL, mobile data networks (3G, 4G, 5G) and more.

You can download cFosSpeed from