Wale Controls Volume of Individual Apps in Windows

The problem with a single volume controller on a Windows PC is that it can lower the volume to a comfortable level in one application but at the same time some other application would still be playing audio at ear deafening levels. There is a solution to this problem by enabling sound loudness equalizer for your audio device but that option is not available for all the sound output devices.

This is where an open-source application called Wale (Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer) presents some relief. It is available in form of an installer as well as a portable application. Once launched, it sits in the notification area of the Windows desktop and keeps working from there in the background. There is nothing to do for the user and it will work fine. But you want to tweak its settings, then you can right-click on its system tray icon and choose Configuration from there.


The configuration window of Wale is going to scare off ordinary Windows users as some of the terms are going to make sense to the serious audio engineers with some experience in the field. For the rest of us, there are two settings important one is Auto control enabled and Average enabled.

With these two settings enabled, it will be able to automatically adjust the loudness of any application playing sound on your Windows PC to an average level. You can further adjust the equalized loudness using the various values but it is better to leave them to their default values. If you end up messing the settings, the configuration window also has a button to restore the default values for all the settings.


All things considered, Wale is definitely a must for all the Windows users who watch movies and listen to music on their PC. With its help, we can adjust the loudness of all the songs to the same level.

You can download Wale from https://github.com/catright/Wale.