Lenovo Legion Toolkit : Change Settings on Legion Laptops

All the major notebook manufacturers offer laptops of various types – for students, for business use, for power users and for gamers. Lenovo also offers a series of laptops called Legion which is directed towards the PC gamers. The Legion series of laptops come in different flavors and use both Intel Core i7 and AMD Ryzen processors. These laptops are said to be very stylish from the outside but total beasts from inside.

For management and making changes to the settings of Lenovo Legion series of laptops, Lenovo offers a tool called “Vantage” for laptops. This software is very good but also very comprehensive and might confuse the users who are looking for quickly changing just a couple of settings. If you don’t want to use “Vantage” because it consumes too many resources in the background, then you can simply use the free open-source alternative “Lenovo Legion Toolkit”.

Lenovo Legion Toolkit

Lenovo Legion Toolkit is a very small software but it is designed using Microsoft .NET 6.0. During the installation of the software, it is going to download .NET framework which is necessary for it to run. After the installation, we can launch it from its desktop shortcut.

In the user interface of the Lenovo Legion Toolkit, we can find separate sections for power, graphics and other things. Under the power section, you can change the power performance mode, the battery charge mode and whether to charge the connected USB devices or not.

Under the graphics section, we can choose whether to use the integrated graphics processor or the dedicated graphics processor or both. The hybrid mode automatically switches between the integrated and discrete GPU whenever it needs them. For high demanding applications and games it switched to the discrete GPU while for the operating system it always uses the integrated GPU. We can also completely disable the discrete GPU if we are having any problems while using it.

You can download Lenovo Legion Toolkit from https://github.com/BartoszCichecki/LenovoLegionToolkit.