Curiosity : Find and Discover Everything on Windows

Even though Windows 11 comes with a great Start menu which allows you to search and find anything on your computer in seconds, it still leaves something desired. This void is filled by a third-party application called Curiosity. This app allows you to find any of the apps installed, emails in various inboxes, files on your computer, online services, events and meetings for you.

Curiosity has a modern looking user interface designed for users looking for faster and more convenient access to applications and other data on the computer. In a few seconds of time, it allows you to easily manage all the installed applications, the contents of the local storage devices and all of the supported email inboxes. We can connect inboxes belonging to various email service providers so that finding and managing e-mail accounts can be done from one place. From the same interface, we can instantly launch your favorite and most frequently used applications on your computer.


After he installation, Curiosity takes you through a number of steps for proper configuration. We can connect to a Google account so that it can access GMail, Google Calendar, Google Maps and Google Drive. In the program, we can also customize the management of files and documents – in order to gain faster access to them in the future.

In a similar way, we can configure and connect many other online services such as Twitter, OneDrive, Outlook, LinkedIn, DropBox, GitHub, Unsplash, Teams, Zoom, Gitlab, OneNote or almost all popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Brave.

While we can connect to so many of online accounts, Curiosity developers maintain that it offers full privacy. None of your data is directly accessed by Curiosity and never leaves your local computer. All of your files, emails and apps stay completely private.

You can download Curiosity from