RunAsDate : Run Any Application with Modified System Date

Some applications are very old and might not run well with today’s date. For example, if you are trying to run an application that was released for Windows 98 today, then perhaps it will cause the application to break as it was not expecting to be run 24 years later. Some of of those older applications and games are still suffering from the Y2K bug that haunted the computer users in 1999 a lot.

In a similar manner, some of the programs and games will refuse to run after a certain date as they are in the trial version mode and supposed to run only up to a certain date. With the help of a free program RunAsDate, we can run any program with the system date modified to any date of your choice. This does not involve actually changing the system date.


After launching RunAsDate, we can select the application to be run by clicking on the Browse button. We can then set any date and time to be used for that application. We can use any time from the past or from the future. If the application needs any parameters or has to be launched within a folder.

We also have an option that decided whether to use a static time as long as the application is running or move the time forward in a natural manner. We can also choose to return to the current time after launching the application after a certain number of seconds have passed. In order to launch the application, we have to click on the Run button. We can also create a desktop shortcut with the selected settings.


RunAsDate is also useful in testing how an application is going to behave in future. This can be very useful for the developers who want to see how running their programs on various dates is going to affect their performance.

You can download RunAsDate from