Epic Games Store Giveaway : Maneater

This week Epic Games store is giving away a very interesting game – Maneater. This game is about a violent shark that attacks human. But the fun part is that you are not going to play the human, you are going to play as the shark. You are going to start as a little shark baby and feed on sea-life as well as the human beings. It is a single player game and it is an open-world game so you can explore the whole sea for fun.

One of the goals of this game is to seek revenge on a fisherman who captured the mama shark and left you as an orphan to survive in the harsh world.

You have to depend on all the resources available for yourself. If you find the right type of resource to grow then you can grow into a bigger and bigger shark. Some type of resources can make you grow into a very huge shark far beyond the size that the nature permits.

Maneater Game

While finding the food and resources for survival and growing bigger, you also have to watch out for the enemies. Your enemies can be both small and large. Your enemies could be other fishes, other sea life and also human beings. You have to size up your enemies before engaging in any battles or you will be terminated.

The game does not have that high requirements. It can be run on any standard computer with 8 GB RAM and any basic Intel Core i5 processor. The computer should have DirectX 11 ready graphics card for this game to work.

You can get Maneater game from Epic Games store in two ways – through the Epic Games launcher and through their website. For the latter, you have to visit Epic Games store website, login to your account and then visit https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/maneater. After than you can just click on the Get button and follow the on-screen instructions to claim the free giveaway.