How to Compare Documents on Google Docs

Content writers know very well about how important is to keep the copies of various versions of a document. Suppose a client asks you to write an article and you send them the document. But the return the document with some modifications. How will you know the changes made by them in your document? For this the easiest way is to compare the two documents over Google Docs. Since Google Docs is available as a web app, it can be used from any web browser without having to install anything.

Here is how you can compare documents using Google Docs online:

  1. First of all visit in your web browser and upload both the documents to be compared to your Google Docs or Google Drive account.
  2. Now open first document in Google Docs and from the menu choose Tools and then Compare Documents.Compare Documents with Google Docs
  3. On the next screen, select the second document from Google Drive and assign an author name to whom all the changes are attributed to.Compare Documents with Google Docs
  4. When both the document  are compared, it will inform you about it. This usually takes just a few seconds. Now you can click on the Open button to view the comparison.Compare Documents with Google Docs
  5. Now you can see all the changes displayed on your screen – which parts are removed and which parts are added are shown in a very easy to understand manner.Compare Documents with Google Docs

So this is the best and perhaps the fastest method of comparing two documents. This method works best with the Microsoft Word supported documents like DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT. If you have Google Drive installed on your computer or mobile phone then you might not have to upload the documents in the first step. You can just save them in the Google Drive folder of your computer and they will automatically become available on the Google Docs web app.