Instant Eyedropper : Find Color Codes of Any Screen Pixel

For the developers, graphics designers and the users of web technologies, there is always the question of finding the color code of a certain color from a picture of object on the screen. Without finding the correct color code, we cannot mix the contents of HTML objects and the images well.

With the help of a freeware application Instant Eyedropper, we can quickly grab the color codes belonging to any visible pixel on your screen. All this is done without being obtrusive and is done in just a single click.

Instant Eyedropper is available in both an installer package and also in a portable ZIP archive. The portable version is great candidate for your portable application collection on your USB pendrives.

Instant Eyedropper

After we launch Instant Eyedropper, it places itself in the system tray of the Windows desktop. We can click on this small icon in the system tray and it will turn the mouse cursor into a small pixel color-code finding tool.  We can hover this over any place on the screen and it will find the color code for the pixel under the cursor. As we click, the color code for the current pixel is copied to the clipboard.

Instant Eyedropper

By default, it shows the HTML color code for the current pixel but we can switch to any other color code types easily from the system tray menu. For this, we have to first right-click on the system tray menu for the Instant Eyedropper and then choose one of the color code formats – HTML, Hex, Delphi Hex, VB Hex, RGB, RGB Float, HSV, HSL, Long etc.

Instant Eyedropper

In the options for the Instant Eyedropper, we can make it automatically start with Windows, make it use a dark theme, copy the codes to the clipboard automatically, and we can also assign a hotkey to the Instant Eyedropper’s color code grabbing action.

You can download Instant Eyedropper from