Icon Extractor : Search, Extract and Save Icon Files

Icon Extractor is a freeware application for searching, extracting and saving files from the resources of any of the files on a Windows computer. Some of the files has pictures, icons and other types of files embedded inside them in form of resources. These resources are used by the files internally for one or more reasons. For example, an EXE file contains some icon files inside it in form of resources. These icons from inside an EXE file are used to display an icon for that EXE when it is displayed in the Windows File Explorer.

Many different files types that might contain icons inside them are ICO, ICL, EXE, RES, OCX, DLL etc. We can use a freeware called Icon Extractor to find and extract icons from any of these files. The user interface of the Icon Extractor program allows for easy drag-n-drop of any of the files on its window. We can also use the menubar to add one or more files to the Icon Extractor window.

Icon Extractor

Once the icons are displayed in the Icon Extractor window, we can select the ones that we want to save and extract them to various ICO files in any folder of your choice. The program also has the options to save and delete the icons from the original resource. If you choose to save multiple icons, then they are saved inside a single ICO file containing many icons. Each icon is assigned a different index using which we can access then easily.

Considering the ease of operation, we can say that it is a really nice application for extracting icons from any other file. Extracted icons are saved either as a single icons library file (ICL) or as a icon file (ICO). There is no icons editor inside the Icon Extractor like some competitors.

You can download Icon Extractor from http://www.exeicon.com/.