Jiffy Reader for Chrome : Helps Read Webpages Faster

Are you a slow reader and find it difficult to complete even one news article that you found online? Then there could be two reasons fr this – firstly that article could have some very difficult to understand words and secondly your mind is not focused on the text content of that article.

In the first case, you can consult a good dictionary to find the meaning and use of those words and move on. With time your reading is definitely going to become faster. In the second case, a small Chrome extension called Jiffy Reader can help you out.

Jiffy Reader is a Chrome extension that can change the appearance of the text on a webpage in order to make the text ideal for faster reading. After the installation of the Jiffy Reader extension in your Chrome browser, you can find its icon in the Chrome browser.

Jiffy Reader

We can click on the Jiffy Reader icon in the browser toolbar and toggle the Reading Mode on or off. We can enable it globally for all the sites or just for the currently open website. We can change some values for saccades Interval, fixation strength, line height, saccades color, saccades style, fixations strength, fixation edge opacity, and more.

As soon as the Jiffy Reader is enabled, the text on all the webpages is shown in different format. The first few letters of all the words are bolder. All the words are displayed in a type of gradient style – the beginning of the words are bolder and darker while the endings are lighter.

Jiffy Reader

If you have enabled the saccades color mode too, then the text is shown in the color. When you read these words, your eyes do not lose focus on where you wee reading and you can go through the text much faster than before.

You can get the Jiffy Reader extension for Chrome from https://www.jiffyreader.com/.