AutoMKV : Backup and Convert Video Files Easily

AutoMKV is a small portable software for converting all kinds of video files into MKV, MP4 or WMV video formats. Using this one application we can backup any kind of video CD or DVD video into high-quality video files.

According to the developer, we need some other third-party software installed on the Windows PC before we can unleash the full power of AutoMKV. These dependencies include FFShadow filters, Haali Media Splitter, XVid codec, and AVISynth. We can get first three of these dependencies fulfilled by installing K-Lite Mega Codec pack. The last dependency, AVISynth can be installed separately.

In the user interface of AutoMKV, we have to select the input video file and then the output folder where the finished converted video files will be placed. Then we can choose the audio tracks, the codec used to encode them, the quality, whether you want to resize the video frame, whether you want to add subtitle tracks for the added audio streams etc.


Similarly we have to select a codec for the video stream and choose a container MKV, MP4 or WMV. After this, we can simply click on the Start Encoding button to start the conversion process. If you want to convert several video files then you can add the conversion jobs/tasks in a list and start encoding from this list later.

The user interface has many tabs such as Basic Settings, Advanced Settings, Advanced Profiles Editing and more. For the average user who just wants  to finish a video/DVD conversion task quickly, the Basic Settings are sufficient. If you are an experienced user only then you should look at the Advanced Settings tab because average users cannot understand the technical settings and might actually mess things up a little.

We tried it on Windows 11 and it worked without any problems. However, for some tasks you need special software installed. The whole progress and all the events are displayed in the log tab which made it easy to understand what was actually going on during the conversion process.

You can download AutoMKV from