Javelin PDF Reader : Full Featured PDF Viewer for Windows

For reading or printing PDF files we do not really need Adobe Acrobat software on our computers. There are so many light-weight alternatives present today such as the SumatraPDF and PDF-XChange Viewer. And now there is another PDF Viewer that is equally fast and light on the resources – Javelin PDF Reader. This PDF reader application is also able to handle the DRM content exceptionally well. This means that if you bought DRM protected e-books from some online store, then you can view and read them using Javelin PDF Reader easily.

Javelin PDF Reader is a freeware and works not only on Windows, but also on macOS, Linux, Android and other platforms such as Kindle or Chromebooks as well. The installation on a Windows PC is very smooth and in the end it asks to be associated with the PDF files which is very helpful in case you do not have any other PDF viewer app installed.

Javelin PDF

The user interface of the Javelin PDF Reader is not much different from Adobe Acrobat Reader. In the toolbar, we have controls for sizing and zooming the pages of the PDF file. It also has search functions, navigation – moving back and forth in a PDF file, selection tools and annotation tools like arrows and highlighter pen. We can print the PDF file and also save the PDF file after adding annotations or comments to it.

The developers of Javelin PDF Reader provide two versions of their software for Windows users – a standard version and a pro version. The standard version does not require any registration and can be used for personal use only. The pro version is mainly for corporate users who are working on computers connected to large networks. In the standard versions catalogs are built-in while in the pro version they are missing.

You can download Javelin PDF Reader from https://www.drumlinsecurity.com/javelindownloads.html.