Ava Maker : Online Avatar and NFT Maker

There are places on the internet where you have to use your picture but you do not want to use your real picture and this is when you end up using avatars. An avatar is an icon or small picture used in place of your real photo in video games, internet forums or online chat sites.

Usually online services like an online forum provide the users with dozens of ready-to-use avatars but if you want to create your own avatar, then you can use a web app called Ava Maker. This web app can be used to create avatars by picking various parts of an avatar  – such as nose, eyes, hair etc.

Creating Avatars with Ava Maker

You can start creating avatars by visiting https://avamake.com/. The web app creates a random avatar as soon as you open the website in your web browser. You can create more random avatars by clicking on the “light bulb” button under the displayed avatar.

You can change the avatar style, face, hair, eyebrows, eyes, mouths, nose and beard. For changing the color of any of these, they have give a color wheel.

When you are satisfied with your avatar, you can download it in the PNG or SVG file format.

Ava Maker

Turning Your Avatars into NFT

NFT’s are very popular these days. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Assets and are basically unique images associated with blockchains. Because of the uniqueness of the blockchains, they cannot be duplicated.

According to the developers of Ava Maker, you can take your avatars to OpenSea (https://opensea.io/) which is the world’s first and largest marketplace for NFT’s.

You can click on the Create button on OpenSea website and choose one of the wallets to hold your NFT properties. The OpenSea site takes you through easy to understand steps all through the process.