Enjoy Playing Tiny Wimbledon Tennis Game on Google Search

All the Tennis lovers know that there are four grand slams – the biggest of all the tennis tournaments that are held every year, namely US Open, French Open, Australian Open and the Wimbledon. Out of these four, Wimbledon is considered the most important and prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

Right now Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 2022 is being held in the UK. If you are lucky, you might have got the tickets to personally go and watch the Wimbledon matches in England. But others can enjoy watch the live telecast of all the Wimbledon matches on their TV.

If you search for the latest Wimbledon scores or the match schedules on Google then you will find that Google has added a little fun game for the “Wimbledon schedule” related searches. When you search for the “Wimbledon Schedule” while the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is still going on, you will see the tabulated format of the schedule. You have to find a small tennis ball at the end of the types of matches towards the right. As you click on this tennis ball, you are shown a small tennis game in your web browser. It works best in the Google Chrome web browser.

Wimbledon Tennis Game

The tennis game is very easy to play and is actually the same as the old Pong video game that was first released by Atari in 1970’s. In this game, you can control the player using the arrow  keys – left and right. The movement forward and backwards is not supported to keep the game simple.

As soon as the movement is started by the user, the game is started. If you successfully return the ball to your opponent, then you are given a score. Your maximum score and the day high-score are both displayed in at the end of the game.

Wimbledon Tennis Game

You can start by searching Google for Wimbledon Schedule using https://www.google.com/search?q=wimbledon+schedule.